Letters: Lives

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?Cooking in Wartime? (Aug. 31) reminded me of my childhood in Germany during World War II and what seemed then to be my mother?s crazy reaction to dangerous circumstances. She, like many Kriegsfrauen, as wives of men who were willingly or unwillingly fighting Hitler?s war were called, tried to provide normalcy for their children. Despite bombing alarms, a meal needed to be cooked and carried several flights to the basement while bombs were falling, with the admonishment not to spill, a tall order for a 6-year-old. I only realized years later that this was my mother?s way to hold at bay the paralyzing fear that shook my whole body. Stephanie Gruner?s prenatal motherly instincts were right on target: keep the family safe via the path of normalcy, channeling anxiety into the attack of staples, transforming them into sustenance.